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Monday, January 10, 2011

Antenna Placement Is Vital iPhone 4

When Apple launched the new iPhone 4, it received overwhelmingly positive reviews.Soon after owners spent some time with their devices, it became apparent that hardware issues were being reported with alarming frequency.
At first, users were reporting yellow lines or dots on the iPhone 4′s much-vaunted retina display. Soon after, a bigger and ultimately disastrous problem for Apple was discovered – if the phone was held in a certain way, it lost signal.
The signal problem on the iPhone 4 (now referred to as Antennagate) occurred when touching the antenna on the side of the phone in such a way that would induce interference due to the electro-conducive nature of skin.
At first Apple denied it was a problem, Steve Jobs went as far as to say iPhone 4 users were holding it wrong. Then came a dedicated page on the Apple website that showed smartphone owners to replicate signal issues on other smartphones which was pulled not soon after it went up.
As complaints mounted and the media started to report on the signal issues, Apple then gave its customers the option of ordering a free case to cover the offending antenna and stop the interference altogether.
The signal issues only provided a momentary blip on Apple’s radar, it still sold 1.7 million units in three days. It just went to show that a company as successful as Apple, a company that poured millions of dollars into design and antenna placement, could still falter.


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