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Monday, September 26, 2011

Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 (YP-G1) launched globally

Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0
The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi is a touch phone that comes from the house of Samsung mobile phones. The phone is available inSamsung mobile stores August 13.
The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi is a 4.0 inch, 16 million color WVGA (480x800) LCD clear, with a 1 GHz processor with Android and Chrome Lite 2.2.2. So now the users of WiFi Samsung S Galaxywill have a crystal clear visual experience making improvements to enhance the display.
The 3.2 megapixel camera on the back of the Samsung Galaxy SWiFi, and VGA front facing camera is ready to give a complete picture and the benefit of both chambers. The Qik, Skype, andAGIS NAVFone SoundAlive navigation solution is ready to workover WiFi Samsung S Galaxy get next to the best way.
So now with the help of WiFi Samsung Galaxy Far circle S is close to you on the Skype application, SoundAlive optimizes audio performance, Qik makes video calls, lectures, real-time broadcasts, video messages and much easier . While the GPS SGNAVFone makes you go through unknown roads with ease, due to the availability street directory information, so it is a comprehensive solution to the needs of navigation

Nokia 700 zeta unofficially announced

Nokia 700 zeta unofficially announced
Nokia 700 zeta

Nokia 700 is the phone zeta official buzz in the air that will be launched soon. The phone is a complete package to offer fun without limits, the state of the art functionality. The integration ofJava games, Mp3/Mp4 support is ready to help you do wonders.
Zeta Nokia 700 is a touch screen phone with 3.2-inch AMOLED screen size, making the overall experience like no other. The 3.5 mm connector supreme enjoyment level helps the music through the powerful speakers.
The micro SD card can store data at best, while the GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB is ready to provide valuable experience. Connectivity is produced at best, due to multiple devices built into the Nokia 700 zeta.
The Nokia 700 zeta, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash is ready to make an image and video experience at best. The Symbian OS Belle makes the phone experience to perfection the best. While the1 GHz processor further facilitate in making this detailed process.
The Nokia 700 zeta is a complete package, expected to be announced soon.

iPhone 5 to be launched in September, with full-proof planning to sell like hot cakes

iPhone 5 Look
At last, the most anticipated iPhone in May is expected to enter the store on 12 September. Nothing is said officially, but the winds of Apple Corporation are making this saying.
The formal strategies have been made for the iPhone 5, and the odds are high that the second half of this year will bring iPhonesales Blockbuster 5. Apple has formally asked its suppliers to deliver impressive production units. So if things turned out well, the record sale of 18.65 million iPhone units will be broken this season.
So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Apple iPhone five strategies, they become great results.

Nokia to launch first WP7 mobile by partnering with China mobile

WP7 China mobile
Nokia's turn, after Apple to turn China Mobile for the association. Nokia plans to launch its first phone to Windows 7 in association with mobile phones in China. Although the release date is not official yet, but is expected to be the device 2011, so it is very likely to see soon.
For the first time in the history of Nokia that partners are released as early release, so it seems that the magic of China has joined the spelling the best mobile phone company in the world.
The new mobile phone from Windows 7 is expected to be inexpensive luxury phone is less desirable in the markets of China,so you have to see is that Nokia can compete with such giants ZTE of China.
Let's wait and see.

Nokia Symbian Anna floated in the market for N8, C7, E7 and C6-01

Nokia Symbian Anna floated
The Nokia is poised to deliver an updated version of the software. Anna has finally floated Symbian N8, C7, E7, C6-01. This new update will bring faster browsers, better display of icons and the big question for text entry in split screen. The Nokia Symbian Anna, offer massive downloads, better Wi-Fi. So if you talk about popular email services, calendar applications, download Ovi Maps or anything, everything is better with most Nokia Symbian Anna.
So now you have an update Nokia N8 inlet chamber, with the user interface, as amended and continuous auto-focus video. This will make Nokia N8 is not just a photo and video experience-graphic experience at best. The C7 will moreover have the new video support NFC photos and more at best. NFC accessories as the next set of speakers 360 are also paired in this gadget. And speaking of E7 and experience of C6-01, phone users will feel a big difference.
So everyone on the N8, C7, E7, C6-01, you can upgrade your software for mobile phones for the better.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

HTC Omega, Nokia 800 and Acer M310 going WP7

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After Android phones, it's time for Windows 7 to get your popularity. Yes, the latest happening Omega HTC, Nokia 800 and Acer M310 phones are WP7 hardware.
HTC has made an alliance with Microsoft to make its WP7 Omega HTC, the smart phone with a single core processor and 4.3 inch touch screen, it will be a great show for the Windows 7 compatible phone hardware.
The Nokia 800 is believed to be the first symbol of the secretrevealed by Microsoft Nokia association. The phone is expected to be a likeness of Sea Ray version and Mango window, so this islike your chances of getting popularity because of its resemblance to two phone.While buzzed, finally, speaking of Acer M310, the firstWP Acer and telephone, are expected to be a single-core phoneMango.
While nothing official yet, but chances are high that these three phones will soon be officially unveiled by the authorities.

Apple accused of modifying picture to manipulate Samsung court case

Samsung vs iPhone
Apple, once the leader of smart phones, is making great efforts to maintain the position you have to use all ethical and unethicalmeans. Yes, Apple is accused of changing the image of the iPhone 3G iPhone 3 and Samsung to push for ever. According to the latter finding, Apple is expected to be the bad guy, again, by changing three iPhone and iPhone 3G to mix with the Samsung Galaxy S.
Although the two phones are different the two main aspects, the difference in the size of the screen due to Samsung Galaxy S is a4-inch screen while the iPhone has 3.5 inch screen, and the difference that height, Samsung Galaxy S is 122.4 mm tall, while the iPhone 3G and 3G are 115.5mm.
So how come the images of two phones can be similar yet to beanswered by Apple.
It seems that Apple is locked in his own trap, what do you think?

Nokia disclosed Gold edition C3-01

Nokia Gold edition C3-01
Nokia C3-01 is the entry level touch phone type, with the initial memory 680 MHz processor and Symbian operating system power. The 30 MB internal memory of 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM is the broad feature for basic and mobile, while the external memory 32 GB storage capacity to add more mass to Nokia C3-01. The 5 mega pixel camera with Wi-Fi and social integration of the media makes Nokia C3-01 a complete package.
But the good news is that Nokia C3-01 with the same features, except the improvement in the processor is available in GoldEdition. Therefore, all who seek a better processor and a look ofluxury, has Nokia C3-01 modified according to your needs.
With 1 GHz processor new and improved 680 MHz instead of the Nokia C3-01, is expecting to be in the hands of its users.

Nokia 700, the world's smallest smartphone soon to come in Pakistan

Nokia 700 smallest smartphone
The Nokia 700 is the first Symbian smartphone operating system Belle, ready to give you a fun-filled experience in the small device. The 110x50.7 x 9.7 mm phone weighing 96g phone is easy to carry.
The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G compatibility nokia for 700 among the best phone data transfer, while the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 2 GB of user memory givesyou a lot of imaging experience.
The Gorilla glass AMOLED screen makes this phone the screen of 3.2 inches from the excellent combination of brightness and contrast in the level of importance. The typical Nokia kindness shown better environment to be free of PVC, RFR and BFRmaking Nokia 700amongst the greenest phone, while using 100% recycled material to further enhance the image of the Environment, responsible for this phone.
There's more to Nokia 700, so we hope that Pakistan will come soon.

Nokia 100 announced to coming soon

Nokia 100 Looks
Nokia 100 is expected to be an affordable, dual band cell phone which combines durability with affordability. The everyday need satisfying phone is best for all who look for light, small and economical alternative.
Thus Nokia 100 will be an easy to use and comfortably designed phone that will give entertainment with practical features. Whether you want long talk time or enduring battery life Nokia 100 with 7.2 hours maximum time to talk and 840 hours stand by time.
The August 25th, 2011 is the date of such mind blasting phone announcement and it is expected to be a next handy economical phone under Nokia banner.

Nokia and Microsoft announced the latest Operating System Productivity Apps

Nokia And Microsoft
Nokia and Microsoft announced that the latest operation system productivity applications in the software giant slowly Belle will be available for Symbian.
The aforementioned applications will come with the operating system in two stages. The first group will be available in Q4 and includes Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile, Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast, Microsoft One Note, and the connection of Microsoft documents. While in the second stage, more applications coming in 2012 with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be part of the group. This is the first time Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint will become officially available outside of the Windows platform. So expectations are high with respect to this application and mobile phones being bused.
Applications are expected to be free for packing Belle Symbian, the Nokia device. The OS is coming soon considered high spirit, as the operating system that was widely seen as out of the way has been officially revealed.

Apple iPhone 5 coming on October 15

Apple iPhone 5 
Yes the most awaited iPhone 5 is to launch for sales on 15 October 2011. The news came out from the mouth of CEO of Orange, a reliable source to confirm authenticity.
The CEOs of major carriers like Orange gets the information directly from manufacturers only, so it seems that the news is hard to deny. Earlier it was being said that iPhone will be available in UK first, but it us a bit questionable as it came out from the customer service center of O2.
There are also rumors that iPhone 5 will have its Gold Master release on September 23rd.

HTC SENSATION XE to come with BEAT Audio and 1.5 GHz dual processor

BEAT Audio and 1.5 GHz

HTC is ready to offer its customers a new experience. It’s called HTC Sensation XE, phone with a 1.5-GHz dual-core processor and the first time in the history of smart phones BEAT Audio logo.
This sense of HTC XE will be a 4.3-inch HD-S-LCD display with8-megapixel snapper Pixel. In addition, it is believed that the recent Android and Sense software to enhance the overall experience Sensation HTC XE.
So all those who had the experience or sensation of HTC are ready to experience one, got one more up to date phone. While the connection through the HTC new gadget will at best be a quad-band GSM, dual band 3G support with HSPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and FM-radio.
Get ready to experience it as soon as Q4 is expected to launch during the HTC Sensation XE.

HTC Rhyme-The Android for Ladies announced

HTC Rhyme Android for Ladies
HTC announced the phone exclusively for women called HTC Rhyme. The new Android phone targets the ladies with a lavender color and Charm Cub apart from other female characteristics.
Lights Charm Cube, when call comes in, so you can feel the girl inside lighting illuminates every time Rifma.Ginger bread HTC Android 2.3 with the latest Sense UI 3.5 on top of it gives the last-minute technology, a compatible phone.
Rhyme HTC is 8 GB MicroSD memory card phone with 4GB of internal pamyati. Odnoyaderny 1 GHz Qualcomm CPU is doing phone work with great regularity. Although the new widgets feel of paper as that may be considered a negative point, but with all positive, we expect the HTC rhyme to rock around the ladies.

iPhone 4S with BlackBerry Messenger Service rumored

iPhone 4S with BlackBerry Messenger
"IPhone 4S starts very soon with an 8-megapixel camera, Dual Core 1 GHz processor and A5 in 1080 to record video. Therefore, the value added iPhone will soon arrive in the hands of iPhone Lovers.
Star feature in the new iPhone 4S service is BlackBerry Messenger, although nothing has been confirmed, but there are great expectations that this new feature will generate more cash flow for the BlackBerry as a high amount of money charged by them, while iPhone users with different hand, the BlackBerry will be known functions within your iPhone 4S.