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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HTC Droid Eris: Turning Off GPS .

 HTC Droid Eris: Turning Off GPS .
I unchecked the boxes under my location, but still have the GPS icon in my notification bar. Is there somewhere else to do this?
HTC Droid Eris: Keyboard Randomly Stop Working.
Tipping I can stand all the pains of the Droid Eris, But the keyboard issue I've been having is on top of the list. The keyboard randomly stops working. I go to respond to a text, or search the Internet..And the keyboard shows the flashing line as if to type, But it wont type. I will randomly enter letters and the spell check box still pops up. I restart it, or remove the battery but once i turn it back on and try typing again and still same issue. Then 5 min later it works. Its random. Annoying. And Ideas what could cause it? or fix it?
Sprint HTC Hero: Randomly Lose Data Connection.
I randomly lose my data connection. It happens whether I'm using 3g or wi- fi. And it doesn't matter witch rom I got flashed on my hero. I've been rooted for quite some time now, so I doubt I'm making a noob mistake. Although I'm no rom writer, so I could missing something.
Motorola Droid X: Camera Randomly Posts Logo Instead Of Picture - Music Files .Randomly Stops Supporting Audio.
I bought the Droid X in late September.  First one had issues with the earpiece speaker crackling on top volume. I wish I would have kept it.
The second phone has issues with both the camera and the music player.  Both will work fine for a day or two and then stop working out of the blue.  The camera will take a picture, post it for a second, and then post the generic gray photo icon to the gallery.  The camera generally then stops working until you restart.  The music will work fine until all of a sudden it says selected playlist empty.  When you go to specific songs, it says "Sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file." Again, reboot and it works.   The two issues seems to happen at the same time.
I have wiped it and the issues persist. Froyo 2.2. For the last week, I have been trying to get my third phone before the 30 days run out but the Verizon Authorized Dealer is not the easiest to work with and says the X is on a national backorder. Two more days and I am going back to my BB.
HTC Droid Eris: Turning Phone Off.
This may be really dumb, but how do I turn off the phone? Or know that it is off? I don't get many calls or texts and want to have the battery last by turning the phone off. I push the "off" button and the screen darkens, but the phone stays very warm. Is this normal for the off state?
HTC Droid Eris: Alarm Clock Volume - Randomly Resetting?
This is getting very irritating... I have 3 alarm times set on my phone (stock clock), and the volume keeps resetting to whatever must be the default I guess. Here's what happens: I set the alarms as "on" (check box), then open the time itself, set the ringtone, and adjust the volume while doing so (I set it to max to make sure it wakes me up). The alarm clock goes off in the morning, very loudly, and wakes me up. I snooze, maybe a couple times or so (come on, it's the most comfortable time in the morning! haha). Eventually I dismiss it and get out of bed.
Next night, I check the alarm clock set to on, go to sleep. Alarm goes off in the morning, but it is very quiet. Just barely wakes me up, and not instantly. I check the alarm clock volume afterward, and it is only halfway up! This keeps happening, and I can't pinpoint why Of course, I can turn it up again, but it is very annoying to have to do this every single time I want to set my alarm. Just clicking one single checkbox to turn my alarm on is much easier than turning it on, opening it, opening the ringer chooser, adjusting the volume, and backing out of everything. My ringer volume stays where I put it, so why won't the alarm volume?!? I'd rather not install another app, since this one is fine other than the volume issue. But this little issue is driving me insane!
HTC Droid Eris: Turning Off Notification Sound?
All of a sudden I can't figure out how to disable the notification sound (like when I get a new email). I have gone into sounds and selected notification sound and expected there to be an option for silent among the other sounds but no dice. And I don't see any other way to turn it off. I know it is probably incredibly obvious, but I just can't figure it out..
HTC Droid Eris: Turning Off Haptic Feedback.
I was in Verizon the other day and i realized that the Motorola Droid doesn't have haptic feedback on its home, menu, back, and search keys. I know that you can turn off haptic feedback for the screen, but on the eris, i have yet to find a way to turn off the haptic feedback for those specific keys at the bottom. So i was wondering is it possible? is there an option to do it in any downloadable apps?
Android: App Turning On Data At Scheduled Intervals?
Looking for an app to turn on data only at regularly scheduled intervals, say every 15 minutes or so. Anything out there? I know juice defender may do this but I've heard mixed reviews on it.
HTC Droid Eris: Screen No Longer Turning Off / Only Dimming.
My Eris has been working fine with the screen timeout. It is set to go off at 1 minute. But since last night, it's only dimming the screen now. It will not turn off unless I press the end call button. It hasn't been doing that, so I'm not sure what's going on.
HTC Desire: Stop Data Turning On When Wifi Turned Off .
I was wondering if there's a way to stop mobile data being turned on when wifi is turned off? I usually have mobile data turned off (using Extended Controls widget) to conserve battery and I use wifi most of the time, so it's very annoying that mobile data comes on every single time I turn wifi off.
Motorola Droid: Turning Off Phone While Charging Ends Up Turning Right Back On.
So after rooting my phone. Couple days later i had it charging and decided to turn off my phone and before I knew it. It automatically turn itself back on? Y is that? I am using bb 0.4 p3 kernel 1.0 on blue energy theme.
HTC Droid Eris: Battery Status Showed 60 Percent After Turning Off 3G.
yes, it is . I charged it up Sunday night. Monday evening I still had over 60%. Monday night I did not plug it in, I tuned off 3G though. This morning the battery status still showed ~60%. So what did I do (or what did I NOT do)?
(1) I did not do the battery discharge-recharge thingy. BTW, if you really *fully* discharge a Li-ion battery you will kill it.
(2) I did not download any task killer/manager. This is supposed to be a smart phone to kill things when needed.
(3) I do not use the Home button at all. I always use the back button. my awake time is about 10%
(4) I do autosync, but my WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS is off.
I admit I am not a heavy user, though I have used up about 50 Mb data in 2 days. Peter
HTC Droid Eris: Mobile Icon Toggling On / Off?
Is anyone else having problems with their mobile icon toggling on and off? Mine will not turn off. When I press it, it does its animation but stays green. Im not sure if the 3G is still on or not. I presume it’s off since i do not see the 3G icon in the top of the screen.
HTC Droid: Eris Wifi Working Without Mobile Service.
This is news to me and I figured i would share it with my fellow Droiders. I just switched from the Eris to the Moto Droid. I figured switching would render my Eris usless because when starting up the Moto Droid, I had to go through an update orientation and had to connect the phone to a number before getting a chance to view the hoem screen. However, my Eris still works. I can not make phone calls, but I can still use it with the Wifi in my house and can play the music that is stored on the memory card. It is like an Eris Touch. I can also still get apps from the Market and update existing apps.
HTC Desire :: Mobile Internet / Data Connection On Launcher Pro.
Currently using launcherpro as default but having a little problem with my data connection. Do you guys leave mobile internet on then use a data connection toggle like on switch pro to enable disable as and when you like? Or do you use a toggle like curvefish apn to rename and automatically connect to the network? Or do you turn it on and off via settings or the power button as and when you need it? Bit lost on the subject to be honest. Also when I go and turn mobile internet on in the settings under it it says something like connect to mobile internet when WiFi is unavailable. Is this the default setting or can it be changed to only connect when I want it to?
HTC Incredible: APN Quick Settings And Mobile Data Switch.
If you have an original unedited APN for the Incredible, please post it. I believe the app Quick Settings added the [disabled] to the APN file when I attempted to use the Mobile Data Switch. See below. Now Quick Settings Says "No APN Configured". I've emailed the dev. If so, I will remove the [disabled] to restore the file to its original state. Everything seemed to be working fine despite the [disabled] setting though, but I didn't test MMS. Current (modified by Quick Settings?) APN File from my Verizon HTC Droid Incredible:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<apn name="Production" numeric="00000" mcc="000" mnc="00" apn="1[disabled]" user="null"
server="null" password="null" proxy="null" port="null" mmsproxy="null" mmsport="null"
mmsprotocol="2.0" mmsc="" type="mms[disabled]" />
I used APN Backup & Restore to save the file to the SDCard so I could view and edit the file using a text editor (such as notepad) in windows. You can get APN Backup & Restore on the market for free.

HTC Eris: Rooted - 3G Turning On.
I woke up this morning and noticed that my 3G was off - so I go into menu to turn it back on and it says "Turning on" so I sit there and watch it for like 5 minutes, still turning on, so I decided to leave it alone for a few hours. Still "turning on". By the way, at this point in time I was running the rooted leak #3 that jcase posted. So here are the steps I've taken to get this issue resolved, all to no avail:
1) Reboot - when it booted back up, still said "turning on"
2) Factory data/dalvik clear - same. After setup, still "turning on..."
3) Restore to previous NAND backup from a few days ago - still "turning on..."
4) Factory data/dalvik wipe and flash new ROM (Ivan's 1.0 OC ROM) - same thing. After setup, still "turning on..."
5) *228 program - phone rebooted with the 3G symbol showing, but no data connection could be found by any apps, including the browser. Shortly after that, the 3G icon disappeared and we're back to "turning on..."
6) Update PRL - same as above
7) Flash Alltel/VZW Hybrid PRL - same as above
8) Turn on Airplane Mode - 3G went from "turning off..." to "off", but as soon as I took out of of Airplane mode, it went back to "turning off"
9) Battery pull - same thing. Rebooted, still "turning off"
So now, I'm sitting here with Ivan's new 1.0 ROM but no data. Every now and then, the 3G icon will show up and in the settings, it tells me that mobile network is on, but the icon never shows that it's receiving data, only sending. Then the icon goes away and it's back to "turning on...". By the way, my radio is
HTC EVO 4G: Data Roam And Call Guard Under Mobile Network Setting.
Anyone know what "data roam guard" and "call guard" does under the mobile network settings?
HTC Wildfire: Mobile Data Connection Doesn't Work After Unlocked.
I recently bought a Telstra HTC Wildfire and unlocked it by code to use my 3 SIM card on it. However, after unlocking my mobile, when I choose the option "use phone for data connection when wi-fi is unavailable" it doesn't work. When i go to mobile network and network operators, I select to search for networks and the phone is automatically connected to "3Telstra (3G)". They also show 3(3G) and 3 networks, but when I try to select any of them, it says that the SIM card does not allow the connection to this network. I don't know if one thing is connected to the other, but I always used my old phone for data connection with the same SIM card.
Samsung Galaxy S: Turn Off Phone - Mobile Data But Keep Wifi.
Is this even possible? Flight mode turns off everything including wifi.
HTC Eris: Phone Randomly Either Not Waking Up From Sleep Mode / Just ...Powering Down?
I can't be 100% sure which one it is. But I installed Nonsensikal 13.2 about a week ago, love it, and was about to basically settle on this as my default rom until Saturday. Starting Saturday my phone has become non-responsive about 5-6 times. Meanin the lock screen won't come on, and the power button will not turn the phone on or off.I'm assuming this means that the phone is still on when this happens, because if it had just powered down randomly I'd think the power button would turn the phone back on I have to pull the battery out and power it back on to start working again. I don't have setcpu or autokiller running, but I am running juicedefender (in case any of that is helpful for anybody.)
HTC Eris: Phone Randomly Go Completely Silent With 2.1 / WiFi Tethering.
Hey everyone, I have a couple of simple questions regarding root. I have never rooted a phone before but I'm sure I can figure it out. I don't need to do anything fancy with my phone but Wifi tethering sounds like it would be worth taking the plunge. I have been following the bugs and fixes thread about the 2.1 leak and the only think that initially kept me from installing the leak was everyone saying that the phone would randomly go completely silent. Does this also happen with the newest root ROM? Also, just to make sure I know what exactly what WiFi tethering is, will I be able to tether my WiFi if I get rooted and set up WiFi tethering?
HTC Eris :: Randomly Turns Off - Required Battery Pull To Turn On?
Anyone else deal with this, I will use it like 30 seconds prior, lock the screen and go to pick it up and nothing, I have to pull the battery and reboot. Happens a couple times a month maybe, usually happens when I am actually trying to do something. I am currently running on Nonsensikal 8.8 but it did it on Ivans 1.0 and Nonsensikal 7.5 as well. It may have done it on the stock 2.1 rom as well, but I cannot remember. It seems to happen more often now that it is on Froyo though.
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro: Sync Outlook Data To Mobile..
I bought a new Mini Pro, how can I sync between my outlook contacts and my mobile, this is very difficult, there is no button I found to do that.
HTC Incredible: Turning Off Phone Results In Different Scene When Turning Back On.
When I trun my phone on, the scene changes from the scene I had chosen (the waving grass) to "current (unsaved)".If I change it to the one I prefer (saved with my name) I am asked to "save or cancel" the incorrect one. I click cancel, and all is well. But why does it change and how do I keep the scene selected that I want? I just want it to stick on the scene that I have chosen.
Android: Turning Location Updates Back On After Turning Them Off.
I am developing on 2.1 and location updates will not resume after removing them and adding them again. Is this an issue with the system?
HTC Droid Eris: No Data Service During Voice / Text.
Could be a coincidence, but it appears it started happening right after I did the PRL update (*228). I have voice and text, but no email/pandora/weather bug/market. All I get is 'network error...I have done another *228, rebooted several times and did a battery pull.
HTC Droid Eris: Recover Data From Formatted SD Card?
Wife Formatted her SD Card on her droid eris is this possible to recover her data like her pictures and ringtones?
HTC Droid Eris: How To Move Data From Internal Storage To SD Card?
My wife has a completely stock 1.5 Eris. She's getting a low storage notification. I looked at the system setting and her internal storage is completely maxed out, but the SD card is 90% available. I've mounted her phone to my laptop and tried moving files around, but nothing is moving. She only has pictures on her phone, not a single song, movie, video, etc. How do I get the data moved to the SD card?
HTC Droid Eris: Verizon's Change In Unlimited Data Plan
As many news sources have indicated Verizon is set to eliminate the unlimited data plan in the next month or so.Will this change allow current Verizon customers to get out of their contract without a penalty?Source: Verizon (Customer Agreement)Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service? We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time,but we'll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you're accepting the change. If you're a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no early termination fee.
Motorola CLIQ: Cliq To Work On Basic Data Plan On T-Mobile.
I was wondering if anyone was able to get their T-Mobile/Motorola Cliq to work on T-Mobile's basic data plan? They now have a specific Android data plan. I can't believe that they raised the data and unlimited text message plan to cost $45/mo. in total for Android phones! I'm using the $19.99 unlimited data/messaging plan now and would like to continue to use it. If anyone has successfully done this, please let me know how you did it.


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