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Friday, January 7, 2011

WIND Mobile Data Plan Price free

WIND Mobile Data Plan Price free

WIND will have to be very careful with data plan pricing. Bandwidth actually can be quite limited over wireless links. Lag can easily become unbearable. If WIND Mobile creates a plan that too many people sign up for and use, they risk overtaxing their network.

I predict they'll come up with a plan that allows 100mb, 1gb, 5gb and unlimited usage per month. The unlimited will likely cost 3x+ the 5gb plan per month.

WIND will definitely come ouf with a USB Stick, and I predict the pricing will be around $40 to $45 per month for unlimited usage. I bet they'll start calling and complaining if you routinely use more than 15gb or 20gb per month, but chances are when the network is newly launched, there will be plenty of excess capacity, so the network will appear fast and be truly unlimited, but get heavier over the coming months/years.

I'll have to investigate and see, their service might end up being faster than my DSL, which currently maxes out at around 1mbit/s


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