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Sunday, September 25, 2011

HTC Rhyme-The Android for Ladies announced

HTC Rhyme Android for Ladies
HTC announced the phone exclusively for women called HTC Rhyme. The new Android phone targets the ladies with a lavender color and Charm Cub apart from other female characteristics.
Lights Charm Cube, when call comes in, so you can feel the girl inside lighting illuminates every time Rifma.Ginger bread HTC Android 2.3 with the latest Sense UI 3.5 on top of it gives the last-minute technology, a compatible phone.
Rhyme HTC is 8 GB MicroSD memory card phone with 4GB of internal pamyati. Odnoyaderny 1 GHz Qualcomm CPU is doing phone work with great regularity. Although the new widgets feel of paper as that may be considered a negative point, but with all positive, we expect the HTC rhyme to rock around the ladies.


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