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Monday, January 10, 2011

Manufacturer Locks Can’t Stop Users Modifying Their Smartphones free

Whether it’s Apple playing a cat and mouse game with the jailbreaking community or smartphone users thinking Motorola has set up its Droid X to blow up if the bootloader is tampered with, locks placed by manufacturers on smartphones are almost certainly going to get circumvented.
HTC and T-Mobile worked to stop modders tampering with the T-Mobile G2 – each time the firmware was changed, the device would roll back to its original settings. It took developers just over a month to achieve root privileges on the device butroot was obtained all the same.
Each time the iPhone gets a firmware update, the jailbreaking community immediately gets to work sourcing new ways to achieve root access and unlock their iPhones. Not a new process by any means, its the techniques that are getting more and more complex.


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