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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Nexus One Was A Successful Flop

Launching in January, the Nexus One was Google’s first attempt at selling a Smartphone directly. Manufactured by HTC, the handset was one of the most powerful Android devices on the market at the time, offering a vanilla version of Android that would bring with it regular updates directly from Google, not the manufacturer.
Google called the retailing of its own phone “an experiment”, selling the device online only. Google didn’t do much in the way of promotion, instead relying on the more technologically aware to help drive demand for the device (a few writers have a Nexus One here at The Next Web). The device sold over 135,000 units in its first 72 days, the iPhone selling one million and the Motorola Droid 1.05 million – compared to its competition, the Nexus One flopped.
It wasn’t all bad for Google, as it said, it was an experiment. Google didn’t partner with many operators and it didn’t allow the device to be offered in bricks-and-mortar stores, limiting its sales potential (this was reserved for HTC with the HTC Desire, the same handset minus the Google branding).
The device is successful because it still holds its own. Ask Nexus One owners if they will be swapping their phones soon, many won’t until something truly game changing comes along.


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