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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple accused of modifying picture to manipulate Samsung court case

Samsung vs iPhone
Apple, once the leader of smart phones, is making great efforts to maintain the position you have to use all ethical and unethicalmeans. Yes, Apple is accused of changing the image of the iPhone 3G iPhone 3 and Samsung to push for ever. According to the latter finding, Apple is expected to be the bad guy, again, by changing three iPhone and iPhone 3G to mix with the Samsung Galaxy S.
Although the two phones are different the two main aspects, the difference in the size of the screen due to Samsung Galaxy S is a4-inch screen while the iPhone has 3.5 inch screen, and the difference that height, Samsung Galaxy S is 122.4 mm tall, while the iPhone 3G and 3G are 115.5mm.
So how come the images of two phones can be similar yet to beanswered by Apple.
It seems that Apple is locked in his own trap, what do you think?


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