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Sunday, September 25, 2011

HTC Omega, Nokia 800 and Acer M310 going WP7

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After Android phones, it's time for Windows 7 to get your popularity. Yes, the latest happening Omega HTC, Nokia 800 and Acer M310 phones are WP7 hardware.
HTC has made an alliance with Microsoft to make its WP7 Omega HTC, the smart phone with a single core processor and 4.3 inch touch screen, it will be a great show for the Windows 7 compatible phone hardware.
The Nokia 800 is believed to be the first symbol of the secretrevealed by Microsoft Nokia association. The phone is expected to be a likeness of Sea Ray version and Mango window, so this islike your chances of getting popularity because of its resemblance to two phone.While buzzed, finally, speaking of Acer M310, the firstWP Acer and telephone, are expected to be a single-core phoneMango.
While nothing official yet, but chances are high that these three phones will soon be officially unveiled by the authorities.


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